Women's Retro Faded Swirl Designer Hippie Boho Slip On Shoes

$54.95 $42.95
We design each and every pair of shoes. Notice the difference between the left one and the right one? Yep! On purpose. We love using our creativity to design original works of art.

If you have a shoe you'd like us to design, just let us know!

Have your own artwork you'd like us to sell on a shoe? We'd love to give you the credit and let the world learn of your talents!

Let your inner hippie shine, our fellow hippies!

As creative bohemian hippies, we love wearing original works of art.

When you buy a pair of our new women's comfortable slip on shoes, you're wearing a piece of a better world.

We donate $1 from every sale to https://theshoethatgrows.org

As a volunteer in my twin's elementary school, I see kids every day wearing shoes that are either too big or too small. Shows That Grow have created an incredible shoe to help our kids living in poverty always have a pair of shoes that fit their adorable, quickly growing feet.

We are dedicated to using our funky, original shoes to help these beautiful children living right here among us always have a pair of shoes that will grow as they do.

Thank you for your support!


The Boho Hippie, LLC
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